Life Gate Holistic Living Center

in Groton, ​Massachusetts

Opening February 2018

Transformation. Empowerment. Education. Healing.


Why Life Gate?

In September of 2016, Karina Beleno Carney saw a Tree of Life pendant in a gift shop in New Hampshire. She wears it as a reminder to continue to grow, dream big and blossom, while staying grounded in the realities of being a mother, a wife, a daughter, friend, and business owner. 

When presented with the opportunity to create a Holistic Living Center in a renovated farmhouse in Groton, Massachusetts, this reminder became ever more important!

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Life Gate Holistic Living Center was born from the balance of roots and branches in the Tree of Life. 

How do we grow and blossom into our most healthy, authentic self, while staying grounded and productive in the reality of living in today's society? 

By providing services and classes in our deeply integrated community of collaborative, holistic practitioners, teachers and coaches, Life Gate Holistic Living Center can be the gateway to a new you. 

Join us. Grow with us.

Our mission is to promote transformation, empowerment, education and healing

in our clients and in our community by changing relationships.

  • Transformation:  Life Gate Holistic Living is about transforming emotional, physical and energetic habits to improved systems that are healthier and more productive, transcending those challenges that arise in living daily life.
  • Empowerment:  Life Gate Holistic Living is about empowering clients to self-advocate, ask for more information, and work as partners in achieving a healthy, happy and authentic life. 
  • Education:  Life Gate Holistic Living is about educating clients with a range of classes on a variety of topics that will help them make necessary decisions to become their healthiest, most authentic self.
  • Healing: Life Gate Holistic Living is about providing holistic healing services from experienced, compassionate, and collaborative practitioners, working as a powerful complement to existing medical care.
  • Relationships:  Life Gate Holistic Living is about accepting the help of practitioners and teachers to change both our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships in order to move us into healthier, happier lives. 

Each transformation to an empowered, educated, healthy life 

helps transform the community in which we live.

Our Services

The Center is growing and developing more each day.

Check back soon to see what has been added!

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Chinese Medicinal Herbs

TuiNa Bodywork * Auriculotherapy

Moxibustion * Cupping * GuaSha 


Reproductive Acupuncture

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Therapeutic Massage


Deep Tissue 


Hot Stones 


Thai Yoga Stretching

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Health Counseling

Functional Evaluation

Muscle Testing 


Nutritional Counseling

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Energy Medicine


Eden Energy Medicine

wingWave Coaching

Somatic Coaching

Healing with Crystals & Stones

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Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Meditation

Body/Movement Meditation

All In One Place:


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Vinyasa * Hatha * Yin

Restorative * Prenatal * Kids

Meditation-in-Movement Yoga

Yoga for ADD/ADHD

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Essential Oils

Essential Oil Classes



Young Living

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Transformational Living

Holistic Health


Trauma Relief


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Our Classes

Our class schedule includes on-going weekly drop in classes, 

as well as 4-8 week series courses, on a diverse range of wellness topics!

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