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About Life Gate

Life Gate Holistic Living Center, Inc. is a unique Holistic Living and Perinatal Wellness and Resource Center for Growing Families located in picturesque Groton, Massachusetts.

Our mission is to promote transformation, empowerment, education and healing in our clients and in our community by changing relationships. We serve the entire community, and welcome ALL clients in need of healing, and place special emphasis on supporting growing families from preconception, throughout pregnancy and labor, and into the postpartum period.


Life Gate Holistic Living is about transforming emotional, physical and energetic habits to improved systems that are healthier and more productive, transcending those challenges that arise in living daily life.


Life Gate Holistic Living is about empowering clients to self-advocate, ask for more information, and work as partners in achieving their optimum health.


Life Gate Holistic Living is about educating clients with a range of classes on a variety of topics that will help them make necessary decisions to become their healthiest, most authentic self, and it is about connecting families with the resources that they need in order to grow, thrive and flourish.


Life Gate Holistic Living is about providing holistic healing services from experienced, compassionate, and collaborative practitioners, working as a powerful complement to existing medical care.


Life Gate Holistic Living is about accepting the help of practitioners and teachers to improve both our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships in order to move us into healthier, happier lives.

Each transformation to an empowered, educated, healthy life helps transform the community in which we live.

A Perinatal Wellness & Resource Center For Growing Families

The journey toward and through parenthood is complex, emotional, and physically challenging. We believe that no person should ever have to feel isolated or without resources during this time. Our goal is to create a safe space where individuals can come to find the information and services that they need. Throughout the transformation of the family, Life Gate Holistic Living Center will be there as a living and loving resource to help our community members on their individual journeys.


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