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Our First Class!

February 23, 2018

We are offering our first class on Tuesday, February 27th at 6:30pm! This will be an Introductory Course on learning to use Essential Oils. This is so much more than you can learn at your neighbor's party! Come meet both of our Essential Oils educators, learn about the different companies that sell essential oils and how to ensure you are getting the best quality. Learn some valuable take home information and goodies to help get you started on your own Essential Oils Journey! This 60 minute class is taught jointly by Annemarie and Christina, Moderated by Karina. $15 per person, minimum of 3 participants to hold the class, maximum 15. To sign up, email or call the center, or use our contact page to send us a message!

Our Spring Class Schedule is Getting up and Running!

March 23, 2018

Amazing classes are starting up this spring. Our scheduler will be up and running soon, so you'll be able to register for classes here on our website!

  • Coming up on Thursday, March 29th at 7:00pm - Get and Stay Organized for the Health of It! Join Life Architect and Professional Organizer Francesca Verri as she talks about the basic tenets of organization and how they are integral to living a healthy life. You will learn the 4 steps to take to get organized, and the 3 imperatives to staying organized. You will leave with a more complete understanding about why organization is the tie that binds together all wellness possibilities, and how to use it daily to find peace in your day-to-day. This one hour class will include time for Q & A. - $40 per person, or register a friend and get both for $70!
  • Then the following week, Thursday April 5th at 7:00pm - Healing Crystals and Stones! Crystals are all around us and often we are drawn to specific stones. Do you want to know why a certain stone calls to you? Would you like to understand which crystal might help in a certain situation? This is a class for those that have an affinity to these mineral gifts from the Earth and want to learn more. We will explore healing traditions, care of crystals, vibrational emanations, and learn which stones balance individual chakras. Stones will be available for purchase at a nominal fee to continue the exploration at home. Join Energy Medicine practitioner Sheila Peters for this fascinating study of how to use stones and crystals for health. $35 per person
  • Also starting up in April, Mindfulness Meditation Training! This Mindfulness Meditation program meets once a week over eight weeks for 60 minutes. Starts Saturday, April 7th at 10:00am. Participants will engage in the basics of mindfulness starting with how attention to the body changes how we relate to it. We will move through thoughts, emotions, and how all of these components of experience are connected. Wear comfortable clothes and bring sneakers. We will sometimes meet outdoors. $175 for the 8 week session.

Summer Activities at Life Gate! Read our July Newsletter Here:

June 28th, 3018


July 7, 2018

Recalibration. It can be the act of resetting goals, changing a message or purpose, or altering the way one operates. While recalibration can often be challenging, even painful, it can produce an opportunity to find new possibilities. It can last short-term or it may affect the rest of our lives. Recalibration can also be a response to mistreatment directed at us or at what is going on around us.

On a personal level, recently I woke up to a small disaster in the form of water on the cellar floor leaking from a 4 year old water heater. Seeing the water pouring out onto the cement floor was hard enough but knowing that a lot of my children and grandchildren’s belongings and mementos were getting wet was heart wrenching. My son’s childhood drawings and his collection of baseball and football cards and helmets were soaked and ruined. My daughter and son-in-law’s stock of artistic and politically activist t-shirts for their part-time business were mostly recoverable but some of the stock was beyond redemption. Toys and clothing being held as hand-me-downs from my current granddaughters for any future little beings were drenched.

Replacing the water heater was a short term challenge for me – I only had to reschedule clients for one day and reallocate funds to pay for the repair. But my son lost objects of remembrance that he had treasured and stored in my cellar in the hopes of retrieving in the future. Toys, t-shirts, and hand-me-downs have been brought to the dump. My son’s recalibration period will take longer than a day to process.

Sometimes recalibration involves rethinking how much we are able to do physically. Especially as we “evolve,” as a dear friend prefers to call the process of aging. In my own life, I recognize that I don’t have the physical stamina that I had when I was younger. In my many years as a professional dancer, I was worn out after 8+ hours in the dance studio but I was ready and willing to get up and do it all again the next day. Now, I doubt that I could do a full 8 hours in the dance studio any day of the week. Currently I’m satisfied if I work out 2 hours a day. At some point, I had to rethink where I wanted to apply my physical energy during each day. I still wanted to maintain physical fitness but I preferred to spend the bulk of my day practicing energy medicine on my clients and colleagues. The physical energy that such a practice utilizes has a higher priority these days for me.

Many of us learn the hard way that we need to make changes in our career path, in our companions, or in our lifestyle. When mental/emotional stress causes us to have a cardio event; when a sudden jarring and unexpected accident occurs; when a loved one passes; when we lose our job – these are times to revisit and recalibrate what is most important to us.

Six years ago I had both a best friend and a long term boyfriend. Unfortunately they really disliked each other. When I went on vacation with my best friend, the boyfriend would go out of his way to text many times a day, call at inconvenient times, and disparage our vacation plans. When I was home with the boyfriend, my best friend would barrage me with negative comments about my boyfriend’s actions. The one time I brought them together, they sniped at each other constantly. I felt like I was a mediator at a battle field. A zinging comment from one side was matched and anted up in a nastier comment from the other side. Clearly, I needed to do something about these two important people in my life.

With time and attention, what became apparent is that they both treated me in similar ways and that this was the basis of the problem. Since I was an easygoing person, both were invested in controlling me. It suddenly was obvious – it was me who needed to change! I needed to create better boundaries! I eventually ended both relationships, paving the way for more beneficial relationships. This period of recalibration took some time and entailed some emotional pain but I learned a great lesson.

I remember a waitressing job I had in my very early 20’s. The restaurant was brand new, and the owner was trying to boost her clientele. I obliged and began to talk the place up, urging many of my dancer and theatre friends to come to the restaurant. It worked! Business picked up over the next two weeks until the owner pulled me aside and fired me. Her reason? My friends weren’t the “kind of clientele” she wanted – they were too lively and she wanted quieter customers. Wham! Time for rethinking where I wanted to work and the kind of places I wanted to be associated with. I wasn’t too surprised when the restaurant went out of business about a month later.

When we are compelled to recalibrate, it often comes in the form of an opportunity to ask ourselves some searching questions. Perhaps we discover that there are new priorities in our lives? We may find that we have new options that align more closely with our heart’s desires. Possibly we can let go of some of our “shoulds,” and open up to more of our “wants.” Can we tailor our future in more constructive and beneficial ways? Do we have the chance to be more creative, to retune our thoughts and emotions, and to get to know ourselves on a deeper level?

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I see clients every day who are doing just this type of introspection. Recalibrating their thoughts and emotions toward the people around them, their occupations, their marriages or partnerships, or themselves. If we are not aware of or are avoiding what is troubling us, then we cannot take steps to alter what is bothering us. Despite being sometimes heavy-going, sometimes agonizing, or more rarely pain-free, recalibration is a necessary part of growth. As my clients see more clearly what their actions and emotions are evoking in their lives, they are inspired to make new decisions about how they wish to live in the future.

Sheila Peters is a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and wingWave©Coach. She also teaches classes and workshops in Stretch/Body Awareness, Energy Body Tune-up, and Healing Stones and Crystals. For more information, email Sheila at: [email protected], or sign up for a session or class today!

What is Health Coaching?

July 14, 2018

I don’t spend a lot of time blogging to promote my services, per say. People in the marketing world are always suggesting that I do so. And I suppose this blog is as good a time to give it a go.

Blogging for me usually happens because something moves me to get up on a soap box, or moves me to share because I know it will help someone.

Sometimes, I just want to dispense advice, and other times I want to share parts of my own story. And still other times I want to tell it like it is, and question the establishment.

We need quite a bit of that from time to time to keep people in the know!

I know there is a lot of information out there in books and blogs to motivate and inspire people to make lots of changes to become well. I certainly don’t knock those modes of learning.

But I do believe that, despite all the other modalities available for learning and healing, people looking to make big or small changes in their life to obtain more consistent wellness could benefit from working with a health coach. It’s a term, I am learning, not many people really know about. Or better yet, people don’t really know what a health coach actually does.

There is so much to be gained, and positive changes garnered from the expertise and support of the right health coach. In fact, obtaining wellness becomes infinitely easier when you work with someone who is “part cheerleader, part tough love coach”.

Especially when that quest is challenging, daunting, and hard.

As a coach, I support and mentor you. I help you create a plan of action, break through blocks, jump over hurdles, and help you see all the strength and ability you have within.

{How am I doing with this self-promoting thing?}

Here is the thing: People are unwell and it isn’t something to be shameful of. We are all layered and have varying degrees of damage, life experience, and self knowledge. And a health coach – who can support you, challenge you, and guide you to make changes – is exactly what is needed to get on track, and stay the course.

Health coaches support all kinds of people with all kinds of challenges, including those with health issues for which we typically think we must only see a doctor.

Research suggests that up to 85 percent of chronic disease is caused by diet and lifestyle factors. And the solution for many of the ailments involves making changes to those diet and lifestyle factors.

Making behavior changes like that can be difficult on your own.

That is where health coaching comes in.

That is where it becomes integral to success in healing because you get the much needed support and motivation, and guidance to navigate the rough terrain.

That is where you just may need me.

Doctors and clinicians are smart people. They are also often too busy to provide the intensive level of care you need to implement change. Health coaches are a perfect accompaniment to those traditional and functional practitioners.

And wellness is much more than just food and physical wellness. I know that life can get cluttered and be overwhelming, and I know that plays a huge role in our ability to adopt any kind of healthy lifestyle. Which is why I joined my professional organizing passion and expertise with heath coaching to help you sort it all out, make sense of the chaos and propel you to make the changes you want to make, the changes you need to make.

So whether you have chronic symptoms, an autoimmune diagnosis of which you want to lessen the affects, or feelings of general unwell in your mind and space, with your time and energy, a health coach can help you navigate it all, share some of the burden, create a plan, and then work with you and support you in implementing that plan.

It seems as though it would be too good to be true – that someone would come along on the ride, and often into battle, with you.

But that is what the right coach will do.

That is what I do.

I became a health coach so I could help people feel better – in their space, and in their life. So they could not only live life, but thrive, each day and into old age.

I love to write about this.

I love to dispense advice about the ways to be well.

I love to get on my soap box.

And most of all, I love working with people, coaching and helping them grab hold of their health, so they can live life verri well.

It is definitely something from which I know there are many benefits.

If a wellness coach is what you need, schedule your initial, face-to-face coaching session with me at Life Gate Holistic Living Center! You can also email me at [email protected]