Meet Brice Johnson

Life Gate Provider

Women’s Health Massage Therapist

Brice started her massage therapy journey in 2014 at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy and is fully committed to her passion of helping and healing others. She finds purpose in collaborating with her clients in perinatal massage with the goal of achieving the most therapeutic and renewing results without causing discomfort or pain. Previously, she has practiced small animal and equine massage therapy, has practiced energy work such as Usui reiki, and has trained alongside professionals to gain experience in human massage therapy. She learned about Prenatal Massage Therapy with Elaine Stillerman and has taken classes on perinatal massage safety with Carole Osborne. This has allowed her to blossom to her full potential in understanding the nuances involved in this holistic field of work. Brice continues to delve deeper into the educational world of massage and plans to practice infant massage in 2020.

Brice found her passion in prenatal massage as she saw the strength pregnant women hold when carrying and providing for their unborn children. She wishes to ease the physical and mental toll this underappreciated job takes on the body; no one has earned a massage as much as a mother. Expecting mothers are warriors and give their everything to their children. Brice feels a personal responsibility in helping mothers ease the common ailments associated with pregnancy, and truly believes that “it takes a village” to support and raise a child. Brice wants her clients to feel a strong sense of support, she was drawn to Life Gate because of the holistic and all-encompassing approach that is taken towards every client. Brice looks forward to working with her clients to create an individualized treatment plan and brings together her wide breadth of knowledge of muscular, skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, and lymphatic practices aimed at helping those who quite literally raise our future.


Small Animal Massage 11/15/15

Equine Massage 8/27/17

Human Massage 8/27/17

Mother Massage-Prenatal, Perinatal, Postpartum Massage 9/13/19

Prenatal Safety Essentials 8/28/19

Future Offerings

Hot Stone Massage- Febuary 2020

Infant Massage- 2020

Prenatal Spa Massage- 2020

Maya Abdominal Therapy- 2021

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