Life Gate Holistic Living Center, Inc. has officially closed it's doors.

Karina Beleno Carney

Former Life Gate Owner & Director

Karina Beleno Carney

Former Life Gate Owner & Director

Karina Beleno Carney, Lic.Ac., FABORM, has a family practice, offering holistic treatment for acute and chronic pain, insomnia, digestive issues, allergies, and stress/anxiety/depression. Karina’s clinical focus is in reproductive health: women’s health, male and female infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. Karina has been in practice since 2005.

My Hours

Sunday 12pm – 7pm
Tuesday 8am – 6pm
Wednesday 2pm – 8pm

My Location

Well-Being Acupuncture Center
16 Hollis Street
Groton, MA 01450

Contact Me

Due to the Governor’s Emergency Order, we are closed for all in-person appointments through at least April 8th, if not longer.
In the meantime, I am offering holistic telehealth sessions on a limited basis. These sessions are available for 30 minute phone or video conferencing. If you need a guided self-acupressure, TuiNa, or Qi Gong session to cope with pain, anxiety/depression, or health concerns including but not limited to lung health, sleep health, and digestive health, or if you want to discuss Chinese Medicinal Herbal options, I am happy to set aside time for you in a telehealth session. Acupuncturists are trained in much more than simply needle insertion! I am also a reproductive specialist, and can spend our telehealth session discussing ways to improve fertility and women’s health concerns. While this feels like a time of uncertainty, please trust your bodies, stay healthy, and keep your immunity and your spirits strong. I appreciate your support and continued patronage during these trying times.

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