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Create your own personal transformation with services that address menstrual problems, male and female infertility, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, labor and delivery, and postpartum.

Resources For Growing Families

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 2,500 year old system of care that includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bodywork (TuiNa), and internal exercise (QiGong). These therapies can be beneficial for women’s health, infertility, pregnancy, pain management, and anxiety and depression, to name a few. Acupuncture, the insertion of small needles into points on the body, balances the body’s energy and blood, promoting wellness and healing in the body.

Therapeutic Massage & Asian Bodywork Therapies

Therapeutic Massage and Asian Bodywork Therapies are great for stress relief, muscle tension, and pain management. We offer many styles of massage, including fertility massage, prenatal massage, postpartum massage, deep tissue massage, therapeutic and eclectic massage, Shiatsu, and Thai Yoga Stretch.

Behavioral Health

The overpowering emotions of growing a family can be navigated with the help of behavioral health services. Life Gate offers support groups to help create community, navigate emotions, and learn coping skills. Our providers also offer assessment to individuals who are struggling, and can help locate resources for additional help when needed. From dealing with infertility or pregnancy loss, to disagreements with a partner, to navigating pregnancy alone, to dealing with the challenges of the postpartum period, behavioral health services with certified and licensed providers who understand the perinatal period can help you examine your feelings and provide skills to better cope with them.

Energy Healing

Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Crystal Healing, and Vibrational Sound Therapy are powerful ways of balancing and restoring the body. These gentle, but profound healing modalities promote overall wellness in the body. Reiki is now offered in hospitals to promote relaxation and healing during postpartum and postoperative times. The deep relaxation of these therapies, coupled with their profound effects on the body and mind can bring transformative healing and peace during the perinatal journey.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching offers one on one, in person sessions to mentor and empower women and their partners to live happier, healthier before, during and after pregnancy. Topics covered include the importance of nutrition, sleep and mindset, physical fitness, self-care, stress management, and the elimination of toxins. Coaching includes the co-creation of a plan to set achievable goals and a personalized blueprint to successfully implement desired changes into your lifestyle on your journey to parenthood and beyond. Coaching offers ongoing support and guidance as an accountability partner, hand-holding, when needed, and tough love as appropriate when you stray from your goals.

Perinatal Support Groups

Having an inclusive and welcoming community is important to our center. Peripartum Support Groups provide our community members the opportunity to connect with others going through similar situations – situations that often lead to feelings of isolation and shut-down. Any individual going through infertility, pregnancy loss, the various stages of pregnancy, and the postpartum year are welcome to attend. These groups will alternate weekly between learning valuable coping skills, and shared talk support.

Lactation Support Services

Our Lactation Support Services are here for the benefit of all breastfeeding individuals. These services are available as a one-on-one support session or as a support group. We want breastfeeding families to be successful and confident in their decision to breastfeed their baby, whether that child be a newborn, older nursling, multiple or premature baby. We believe in the benefits and power of breastfeeding and want to share our experience and knowledge with our community. Our certified and experienced lactation professionals will work with a nursing diad to facilitate their best relationship, and offer resources and further referrals should that be what is required for best results.

Labor & Postpartum Doula Services

Birth Doulas provide physical, educational, and emotional support for laboring individuals and their birth partners. Our unique doula group works throughout the perinatal period to empower families. Each birthing pair that works with our group will have the benefit of two prenatal visits with at least one of our doulas. They will have on-call support from 38 weeks until they begin labor, uninterrupted support throughout their birth, as well as one post-partum visit with the doula that attends their birth.

Postpartum doulas provide in-home support to parents for as long as they are needed. They provide practical, as well as emotional support with their presence and knowledge. They assist with breastfeeding, skill building, and baby-care, as they focus mainly on supporting the new parents as they acclimate to the profound life changes that come with bringing home a new baby(ies).

Educational Speaker Series

We believe that the clearest path to wellness is through education. The more a client learns about their options, their habits, and their healing modalities, the better equipped they are to make the necessary choices to improve their health. In order to provide unique and useful education to our community, our Educational Speaker Series is available at a low cost to community members. Our own providers as well as guest speakers will provide educational presentations about a wide variety of health topics at the center.

Community Wellness Hour

Our Community Wellness hour, held twice a week invites community members to experience a range of services at a lower cost, in a group setting, including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, sound healing, health coaching, nutrition, and more.

Sensory Relaxation Room

Our Relaxation Room gives you a private and peaceful space to fully relax on your own. Take advantage of our cozy lounger, massage chair, foot massager, light box, aromatherapy, weighted blanket, community journal, mindful coloring books, inspirational lending library, and views of the spectacular Groton wetlands. Enjoy some space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Great for everyone who needs a break from the stressors of home and work, including caregivers, parents, and people with high stress jobs.


Prenatal Yoga has many benefits for expectant parents: it helps prepare expectant parents to be in the best possible shape physically, mentally and emotionally. Students practice asanas (positions) with the necessary modifications, pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation and some meditation, to prepare for birth. The class is suitable for all levels.

Postpartum Yoga (for up to 6 months after childbirth) is equally beneficial for new parents, who are now faced with specific body changes after birth. Most people know the importance of practicing yoga during pregnancy, while there is less awareness about how yoga can enhance the parent’s physical and mental well being after birth. Most asanas will help with typical after birth issues such as weakened pelvic floor. While pre-crawling babies are welcome (we provide baby swings, blankets, changing table) and parents are welcome to stop anytime to check on and feed the baby, this hour should ideally be for a new parent’s loving self-care only.

Fertility Yoga helps to reduce the stress and and the tension in both mind and body, enhancing the ability to conceive and the ability to bear the challenges of assisted reproductive technology. In addition to stress relief, this class also uses asanas, breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation appropriate for every phase of the menstrual cycle. It will be also a chance to create an intimate community of emotional support through the journey of conception.

Healing Yoga for pregnancy loss is available to any parent who has lost a pregnancy or a child at birth at any point in the past. Yoga can help to reconnect and build a new relationship of trust with the body, and heal mind and heart. We will use Asanas, Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation as tools for releasing emotions and finding peace in the midst of grief in a nurturing, safe and intimate environment.

Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Life Gate offers a variety of classes, workshops, retreats, and networking events.


Life Gate Wellness Plans

At Life Gate Holistic Living Center, we want to make sure our clients can take advantage of everything we have to offer throughout the entire perinatal period – from conception through postpartum. To that end, we have developed Wellness Plans that will make it convenient, affordable and easy to experience truly holistic and collaborative care from preconception to postpartum, and beyond!

Our Wellness Plans also benefit any member of the community who is looking to transform their health with holistic healing. By signing up for one of our monthly plans, clients can receive treatments, discounts, and priority sign up for group events. Plans are conveniently on an autodebit schedule for each month, with a 7 day cancellation request.

The following individual provider sessions are available with the Wellness Plans: Acupuncture (60 minute), Integrative Health Coaching (50 minutes), Therapeutic Massage (60 minute), Relaxing Reiki (60 minutes), Jin Shin Jyutsu (60 min), and Resource Consultation (50 min). Receive a promotional Life Gate Swag Bag when you sign up!

Option 1

  • 1 Individual Provider Session
  • 2 Community Wellness Hours or Yoga Classes
  • 10% Retail Discount
  • 10% Discount on up to 3 additional individual treatments sessions
  • Priority sign up for Educational Speaker Series
  • Unlimited Attendance at Support Groups
  • Two (2) 15 minute sessions in our Sensory Relaxation Room

Package Price: $195 per month

Option 2

  • 5 Individual Provider Sessions
  • 2 Community Wellness Hours or Yoga Classes
  • 10% Retail Discount
  • 10% Discount on up to 3 additional individual treatments sessions
  • Priority sign up for Educational Speaker Series
  • Unlimited Attendance at Support Groups
  • Two (2) 15 minute sessions in our Sensory Relaxation Room

Package Price: $550 per month

Option 3

  • 10 Individual Provider Sessions
  • 2 Community Wellness Hours or Yoga Classes
  • 10% Retail Discount
  • 10% Discount on up to 3 additional individual 1 hour treatments sessions
  • Priority sign up for Educational Speaker Series
  • Unlimited Attendance at Support Groups
  • Two (2) 15 minute sessions in our Sensory Relaxation Room

Package Price: $995 per month

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